U SPORTS believes in the power of sport to promote determination, leadership, team building, and commitment.

That is why we are dedicated to giving student-athletes the visibility, appreciation, and rewards they deserve, as they pursue the toughest double major of all. Full-time scholar and full-time athlete.

This fall, U SPORTS will shine a light on the next wave of talent with our Future Stars Athlete of the Month program. The program will provide a platform, both in-school and online, to recognize the incredible achievements of talented high school students across the country.


Simply by registering for the program, you will have access to a turn-key program designed to help recognize the monthly achievements of your leading student-athletes.


  1. 1.Participating school to complete the online registration form.
  2. 2.Receive your school’s toolkit & website login information upon registration
  3. 3.Each month, your school will select and promote one deserving male and female athlete of the month
  4. 4.Login and enter the winning student's athlete profile, including their name, sport, reason for selection (optional), and upload a photo (headshot or action shot)
  5. 5.Athletes will be featured alongside their peers from across Canada on U SPORTS dedicated microsite and social channels. Each month U SPORTS will select one athlete to be featured nationally


By registering your school for this program, you will receive access to a toolkit that will allow your athletic department to easily and effectively recognize the accomplishments of your best and brightest student-athletes. Your kits provide tools and templates for recognizing your winner’s achievements either in-school, on-line, or through a combination of both!


  • Social Media templates, allowing your school and the athlete to announce their selection with pride
  • Downloadable posters, to promote the program within your school
  • Access to downloadable, easily customized monthly certificates recognizing Male and Female AOTM
  • Congratulatory PA announcement script


Q: Why the #FutureStars campaign?

A: In partnership with high schools from across the country, U SPORTS is able to showcase the best up-and-coming student-athletes in Canada each month through #FutureStars, highlighting incredible people, achievements and performances. There are thousands of stories to be told in Canadian high school athletics, and this program allows us to share them monthly.

Q: Can I select an athlete more than once?

A: Yes! Athletes can be selected multiple times, and will receive a digital certificate each time that they have been chosen as their school’s athlete of the month.

Q: What if an athlete of the month plays more than one sport?

A: For a multi-sport athlete, please choose the sport that best represents why they were selected as the athlete of the month. Any additional sports that they play can be added in the respective athletes’ bio section.

Q: Does U SPORTS promote the Athlete of the Month winners?

A: U SPORTS will feature the chosen winners on its national website, the #FutureStars site, as well as on all of its social media channels. Additionally, each winner will have a player page that is easy to share for the athlete, their school, family, and friends.